tbm training

We specialize in both Initial & Recurrent Aircraft Training. We have served hundreds of clients and have conducted TBM training on six continents.

The goal of our insurance-approved TBM training programs is to ensure that you leave with the knowledge, understanding, skill and self-confidence to safely fly your TBM.

Where do we train?


Your location

We conduct training at your location on your schedule for your convenience.


Choose your instructor’s location  

In addition, we offer group recurrent training at our locations several times a year.

Our insurance approved program is organized, thorough and efficient, bringing you up to speed on your TBM’s handling characteristics and its advanced systems in both normal and emergency procedures. The program is a series of one-on-one, full-immersion training sessions comprised of both ground sessions and cross-country flight scenarios. Our process is modeled after the FAA/Industry Training Standards to deliver the most effective and comprehensive training available.
Each client brings a unique set of experiences and knowledge to the initial training process. The training is flexible and will build on your prior experience while setting the proper framework for the safe operations in the new aircraft. Completion standards are based on demonstrating knowledge and flight proficiency to FAA Practical Test standards in VFR and IFR conditions responding to the normal, abnormal and emergency scenarios presented.